Frequently Asked Question

Are you unclear on what to do after an accident? Accidents can be complicated and frightening. It’s not always clear on what the next step is. Read some of our FAQ’s to see if your questions are answered!

Am I required to get 3 estimates?

No, it is not a requirement to get an estimate. According to Indiana law, you are allowed to pick any repair shop of your choice. The insurance company is required by law to negotiate with the chosen repair shop.

If the insurance company has written an estimate, should I get another?

No. If you’ve already been given an estimate by the insurance company you can give it to the shop as the initial estimate of record. If more damage is found, the shop will just add that to the estimate.

Who decides where my car is repaired?

Because Indiana law states that the consumer has the right to choose the shop of their choice, the vehicle owner always has the right to choose their shop of preference.

Does MC2 Collision provide a warranty?

Yes. You are provided with a Written Lifetime Warranty by MC2 Collision. If you need to see the warranty before repairs are made you can just ask a customer service representative for a copy.

Why use waterborne paint?

Waterborne paint has high-quality color characteristics and tends to be more environmentally friendly by having almost 25% fewer harmful VOC’s. Because of these reasons, many auto manufacturers have switched to using waterborne paint at the factories.

Who chooses what type of parts (OEM, recycled, aftermarket) get replaced on my car?

This really depends on the age of your vehicle. According to Indiana law, insured cars that are 5 years old or newer get to choose what types of body (sheet metal) parts go back on their cars. If your car is older than 5 years, your insurance company will likely choose the more cost-effective choice.

Can I make money off of an insurance repair?

Not typically. Legitimate repair shops always provide a detailed estimate and invoice to the insurance company. These show every part and labor operation that was performed on your car. We are required to support a repair invoice with part and other invoices related to the job.

Should I turn a claim into my insurance company or pay for it out of pocket?

We normally recommend that you let your insurance company handle the claim, but it is up to you and your personal financial circumstance. Insurance companies are experts and prepared to handle the unexpected. Repairs can appear to be simple, but end up being complex and expensive.

How do I get updates during my repair?

You can get updates through phone calls and / or email.

Can frame damage be repaired?

Yes, almost anything can be repaired. It damage is extensive enough, certain areas of the frame may need to be replaced. MC2 Collision Repair follows OEM guidelines that are specific by make and model. Your safety is our priority.

Who determines if my car is a total loss?

Your insurance company uses the actual cash value of your vehicle and compares it to the estimated cost of repair with a factor of salvage value taken into consideration. In certain cases, when the vehicle is close to being determined a total loss, the vehicle owner and / or shop representative may be consulted by the insurance company before the decision is made.